Oral and Poster Presenter Guidelines

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Questions should be directed by email to icais@invasivespeciescentre.ca


General Information

  • All meeting space for ICAIS 2024 is on the convention level and all session rooms are in very close proximity for ease of movement.
  • In addition to the plenary sessions, there are typically four concurrent sessions each day and it is very easy to move from one session to another depending upon the participants’ interests.

Room C1-C2A: Plenary Sessions and Ballast Water Workshop

Room 101: Concurrent sessions A

Room 102: Concurrent sessions B

Room 103: Concurrent sessions C

Room 109: Concurrent sessions D

  • It is very important that presenters adhere to the time allocated for the presentation, which is 15 minutes for the talk and 5 minutes for Q&A.
  • If using slides, it is recommended to use only 10-13 for a 15-minute talk.
  • Encore Global is the in-house audio-visual company at the Halifax Convention Centre and they are providing all A/V equipment and on-site technical support during the conference.
  • Each session room will have, at minimum:
    • A 5’ x 9’ (152 cm x 274 cm) screen.
    • A data projector on an A/V cart.
    • A podium from which the presenter will speak.
    • A laptop at the podium with presentations pre-loaded.
    • A podium microphone, a wireless lapel microphone, a wireless hand-held microphone for Q&A, a wireless PowerPoint remote and mouse.
    • A built-in speaker system.
    • A speaker timer in view of the speaker from the podium
    • A side table for the session chair to be seated, with a 22” LCD monitor so that they can see the slides being projected, and the speaker timer.


Pre-recorded Presentations are Required for all Oral Presentations

Virtual Presentation Process

  • The recordings of virtual presentations will be played for in-person participants, during the sessions in real-time (Atlantic time) according to the published schedule in Fourwaves.
  • There will be no real-time question and answer period with virtual presenters. Instead, anyone who wishes to ask them questions can do so:
  • through the chat feature in Fourwaves (more information under ‘Virtual Participants’ below), or
  • by contacting the presenters by email.
  • For virtual and in-person participants, the recordings of all speakers’ presentations will be available online within one hour of each session concluding (Atlantic time), according to the published schedule in Fourwaves.
  • The online recordings will remain available for viewing until November 1, 2024.

In-Person Presentation Process

  • In-person presenters are to submit both their pre-recorded presentations (as described above) and a separate file of just their slides with captioning through Fourwaves.
  • The laptops being provided in session rooms have Microsoft 365, but all versions of PowerPoint will be supported, in addition to files saved to Adobe Acrobat.
  • Macintosh computer users should convert their PowerPoint presentations to a PC version (or PDF) and be sure to test the presentation on a PC before arriving at the conference.
  • In-person speakers will present, and take questions from the on-site audience, according to the published schedule in Fourwaves.
  • Session chairs will field questions from on-site participants and will moderate the 5-minute Q&A period following each presentation.
  • Additional questions may be submitted to speakers through the chat feature in Fourwaves and they will be forwarded to the email address in the presenter’s profile in Fourwaves. Presenters can respond to those questions after the session has concluded.
  • In-person presenters will advance their slides from the podium, using the wireless remote.
  • The pre-recorded presentations of virtual speakers will be run by the session chair.
  • During the Q&A period, session chairs will field questions from on-site participants.
  • Questions for virtual presenters are to be submitted to them through the Fourwaves chat feature or by email to the presenter.
  • Presenters each have a profile in Fourwaves and it is up to each person to set up what they want to include e.g., a photo, the email address for networking, biosketch, etc.
On Site PowerPoint Support
  • There will be an on-site support person to assist presenters with their presentations if needed and contact information (WhatsApp and cell number) will be provided in advance of the conference.

Other Information

  • Images, videos, audio clips and animations
    • Images should be inserted into PowerPoint using the “Insert image” command (i.e., do not drag and drop from other applications).
    • If your presentation includes embedded audio clips, video or animations, be aware that you must provide the files for them separately to be sure they are linked on the computer being used to run the presentation. Be sure to upload them separately in Fourwaves.
  • Hyperlinks: WiFi access for hyperlinks is available in all session rooms.
  • Fonts: Use standard fonts in your presentation, as found in the default Microsoft library such as Arial or Times New Roman.
File Naming Protocol
  • Slide presentations must be named according to the following protocol:


EXAMPLE: Mon_May13_1040_Room102_JaimieDick

  • Presenters can find the date, time and room for their presentation in the Schedule in Fourwaves. If there are any problems finding that information, send an email to icais@invasivespeciescentre.ca before April 22, 2024.


NEW – SMARTEK Systems iQ755 Touchscreen Kiosks

ICAIS 2024 is launching the use of digital touchscreen displays for all poster presentations.

  • This approach reduces environmental impacts by:
  • eliminating the need for printed materials (paper, ink, lamination).
  • reducing waste, as posters are often disposed of post-conference.
  • the digital approach allows more flexibility for how the content is presented.
  • The kiosks are single-sided, and the panel display is 55” (diagonal) with a maximum resolution of 1920×1080.
  • They run on Android and Windows OS.

This is a photo of the touch screen monitor taken during the poster session for a different conference.


  • The poster session is on Monday, May 13, 2024 from 17:30-20:00 (Atlantic time) in Room C5 at the Halifax Convention Centre, the same room for morning and afternoon breaks.
  • There will be five poster kiosks located around the room and each will be labelled with a kiosk number.
  • Each kiosk will have 8-10 posters that will be pre-loaded onto each unit in advance of the conference.
  • Poster presentations are scheduled at specific times during the poster session as published in Fourwaves.
  • There will be two presentation times allocated for each presenter during the poster session.
  • Posters will remain available for viewing by in-person participants until end of the afternoon break on Wednesday, May 15.
  • All  poster presenters (in-person and virtual) are required to provide a digital version of their poster materials by April 26, 2024 to be pre-loaded onto the units.
  • Posters are to be formatted in portrait layout only. Do not submit in landscape layout as the materials will not display well on the touch screens.
  • Poster presenters can submit their materials in a format they choose, and could be:
    • a static image as a PDF file.
    • slides only with transition timing pre-set.
    • a video (MP4) of slides with the presenter’s voice over, plus captioning.
    • a video of the person presenting their slides, plus captioning using Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom meeting, Vimeo.
    • a multi-media presentation, plus captioning.
  • Poster materials are to be submitted through Fourwaves by activating your account using the confirmation link that was issued when you submitted the abstract. If you cannot locate the link please notify us by email to icais@invasivespeciescentre.ca
  • The deadline for materials to be uploaded into Fourwaves is April 26, 2024.


Following are instructions on how to format the presentation to optimize display on the touchscreens and there are links to video tutorials for each, if needed. Just click the title (e.g. Microsoft PowerPoint) below.


PDF files should be portrait orientation and North American letter size (8.5” x 11”).

Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Open up PowerPoint and create a blank presentation.
  • Click Design tab.
  • On the right side click Slide Size, then click Custom.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint units are set in your Windows Regional Settings. If you are working in centimetres, the dimensions to use are 28.575 cm x 50.8cm. If you are working in inches, the dimensions are 11.25” x 20”.
  • Click Okay and start creating your presentation.

Google slides

  • Open up blank presentation.
  • Click File.
  • Go to Page Setup.
  • Put in the dimensions 1080 px x 1920 px.
  • Click Okay and start creating your presentation.


  • On Canva’s homepage click Custom Size
  • Enter the dimensions 1080 px x 1920 px.
  • Click Okay and start creating your presentation.


Virtual Poster Presentations

  • For virtual poster presenters, the pre-recorded presentation will be played in real-time during the poster session (Atlantic time), according to the published schedule in Fourwaves.
  • Each virtual poster presentation is scheduled for 7 minutes.
  • There will be no real-time question and answer period with virtual presenters. Instead, anyone who wishes to ask questions can do so:
    • through the chat function in Fourwaves. See instructions below “How to submit questions to presenters”, or
    • by contacting the virtual presenter by email.

In-person Poster Presentations

  • Each in-person poster presentation is scheduled for 7 minutes:
    • five minutes for the presentation, and
    • two minutes for questions and answers.
  • In-person poster presenters may arrange additional times to be at their assigned kiosk to discuss their poster with attendees who reach out to them through the chat function in Fourwaves.
  • All poster presentations will remain on the kiosks until end of the afternoon break on Wednesday, May 15, so that people can browse through them during networking breaks, lunches or other times when they aren’t attending sessions. 


Student posters will be judged and prizes awarded for the top poster for undergraduate, masters and graduate students.

  • Judging criteria will be as follows:
    • It draws in the observer (catchy title and poster not too busy).
    • It has sufficient detail on methods/experimental/modelling plan.
    • Technical, experimental, field, modelling, and/or statistical approaches are appropriate.
    • The main outcomes were presented in a clear and objective manner.
    • The wider implications (stakeholder, policy/decision maker, commercial) were discussed.
    • Any constraints on the study were acknowledged/discussed
    • Future work plans (next steps) were mentioned.
    • The content was accessible, i.e. pitched at a level for all to understand.
    • The amount and size of text and images was appropriate for a poster (font size readable from ~1 m distance)
    • The awards will be presented at the end of the plenary session on Wednesday, May 15, 2024.